About Mentoring in Medicine


  1. To inspire and equip students to become health care professionals through academic enrichment, leadership development, civic engagement and mentoring programs.
  2. To engage, educate and empower students – from elementary to professional school – by providing resources, support and guidance to help them reach their true potential.
  3. To help meet the nation’s healthcare and science needs to address disparities.
  1. To turn dreamers into thriving health and science professionals.
  2. To tap into students’ inner potential that may be suppressed by socio-economic factors.
  3. To increase the number of students applying to and graduating from healthcare and science graduate schools.
  4. To ignite in younger students an interest in health and science activities and instill in them the confidence to pursue a productive career.
  5. To improve the healthcare and science literacy of disadvantaged communities.

Based on years of hands-on experience nurturing students of virtually all ages we have learned that: 

  1. Many qualified applicants are discouraged from pursuing their goal of becoming a healthcare professional.
  2. Motivated students can succeed with the proper mentoring, training and support.
  3. Low-income students are inspired by professionals from similar backgrounds who overcame significant hurdles.
  4. Younger students are stimulated by medicine and science taught in an animated, interactive and supportive manner; role-models strengthen the drive to succeed.
  1. We work with students from elementary through health professional school, employing a multi-dimensional, culturally-sensitive, and proactive approach.
  2. We prepare students to become biomedical professionals by enabling them to interact with, and learn from, experienced healthcare professionals and scientists from around the country.
  3. We provide role models to students and inspire them to eventually become role models themselves.
  4. We create an array of age-appropriate programs that involve reaching out to students on a regular basis, creating supportive MIM social circles, providing academic enrichment, exposing students to hospital and research environments, coaching them on leadership and life skills, and providing parent training. 
  5. Our program for prospective medical students is a supportive but rigorous boot camp.
  6. We require community service to stress the importance of taking care of others and giving back.
  7. We engage difficult-to-reach students with programs geared toward kinesthetic learners in a culturally-sensitive fashion.
  8. We build academic, social and emotional intelligence via a holistic approach.
  9. We empower students and give them confidence to succeed.