Our Board of Directors


Brenda Aiken, MD

Adam Aponte, MD, MSc (Board Chair)

Yvette Calderon, MD, MS

Lawrence Daniels, III, MD

Lynne Holden, MD, 


Kenneth Leacock, PT (Board Treasurer)

Adrienne McWilliams

Leon Merrick, DDS

Roger Mitchell, MD

Robert Plummer, MD

Brian Porter, MD, PhD, MPH, MBA


Aksim Rivera, MD

Clemencia Soloranzo, PharmD (Board Secretary)

Hassan Tetteh, MD, MBA


Reba Williams, MD ( Board Vice-Chair)

Director, Columbia University Student Health

Chair, Medical Director-Boricua NY

Emergency Dept, Mount Sinai-Beth Israel

Neurosurgeon, New Neurons Institute

President, Mentoring in Medicine, Inc., Professor, Emergency Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

President, KAL Physical Therapy

Marketing Executive, Tom Joyner Show

President, Merrick Dental Studio 19

Chair, Pathology, Howard University Medical School

General Surgeon, Plummer and Associates, Inc.

 Vice-President, Clinical Development Head, Immunology, Hepatology, & Dermatology Development Unit, Novartis

Vascular Surgeon, Jacobi Medical Center

Manager, Investigational Drug Service, Montefiore Health Center

Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Physician Health Policy Advisor, US Navy 15

CEO, Gotham Health