“I attended yesterday's MIM session and it was really nice to see other students and to see how much the program continues to grow. The whole MIM team is made up of extraordinary individuals truly having such an impact in so many lives. I wanted to personally see you all again and thank you again for being such an influence in my life. You all motivated me to be confident and apply to medical school when I was at my most discouraging moments. THANK YOU!!! And you have done the same for so many of us, and continue to inspire others. Thank you!! We all need that support and mentorship that the MIM team provides. I could never thank you all enough.”
-Medical Student, University of Wisconsin Medical College
“Remember where I started from just 4 years ago... Who would have believed it! I wouldn't have even if I was told what my future will hold. Although it is still early in my career, I am grateful for all the great things that have happened to me so far and really appreciate wonderful mentors like you all in my life. I am eternally grateful. I can't thank you enough.”
-Medical Student 4, Harvard Medical School
“My MIM Family has been incredibly instrumental in my journey and I sincerely appreciate all the love, support and time you all have given me. Words simply cannot express my appreciation and utmost love and respect that I have. Thank-you so much!!!”
-Medical Student 3, Downstate School of Medicine
“Again, thank you for all of your help and support...it means more than words can express. I have directed several students toward MIM because of how critical it was in getting me to med school.”
-Medical Student 2, Yale School of Medicine
“I hope we continue working together mentoring young men and women, helping to create opportunities for them that their circumstances and world tells them they cannot attain. You all opened a door for me to possibilities I only dreamed of, for this I am eternally grateful.”
-Graduate 2013 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, OB-GYN Resident