Healthcare Poster Competition

Concept: Mentoring in Medicine invites middle school and high school students to submit poster designs that will advertise the benefits of pursuing a healthcare career or develop a public health campaign that build awareness around a disease and suggests prevention strategies. Prizes will be awarded by the school, district and city-wide level.

Deadline for Submission:

Hartford, CT: (Friday, March 31st)

Nationwide: (Friday, April 28th)

Slide Presentation:

Supplies: Computers, paper, markers or crayons and pencils. The preferred option is to complete the assignment electronically with an online drawing program and submit a pdf file.


  1. Share examples of advertising campaigns
  2. Discuss the essentials of a persuasive ad
    1. Headline
    2. Images
    3. Copy
  3. Select a healthcare career or disease
  4. Visit and to research a career or to research a disease.
  5. Identify 5 to 10 interesting facts that you want the poster to convey
  6. Decide on a headline, copy and images
  7. Find images at
  8. Begin designing the poster
  9. For Example …
    1. Dentistry
    2. Facts:
      1. Diagnose and treat problems in your mouth
      2. Replace teeth
      3. Fill cavities
      4. Teach you how to brush your teeth
      5. Examine X-rays
      6. They use drills
      7. 8 years of school after high school
      8. Growing 18% faster than the job market
      9. Average pay is $158,000
    3. Headline Options:
      1. Save a Mouth and Save a Life: Become a Dentist
      2. The Smile Maker: Dentists Are Cool
      3. Got Teeth? Thank a Dentist
    4. Images Options:
      1. Teeth
      2. Toothpaste
      3. Toothbrush
      4. Dentist Chair
      5. Smile
    5. Copy Ideas:
      1. Growing 18% Faster
      2. Diagnose and treat problems in your mouth
      3. Drills Aint Bad
      4. X-Rays Are My Superpower
    6. Poster: (add your names to the bottom

Timeline for Lesson Plan:

  1. Provide an overview of the assignment (15 minutes)
  2. Students work in teams to select a career (5 minutes)
  3. Moderators shares the career for their team (3 minutes)
  4. Review the research assignment for the computer lab (3 minutes)
  5. Students conduct individual research on the computer. Remind them to bring their notebooks to take notes. (15 minutes)
  6. Teams meet to share ideas and decide on the theme and images (15 minutes)
  7. Design the poster (15 minutes)
  8. Teams stand in the front of the room to present their recruitment poster (10 minutes)
  9. “What did you learn today?” closing exercise


  1. Develop the posters individually instead of working in teams
  2. Use an image editing program such as Draw in Google Drive and find images to import into the design with Google image search (


The website to upload a pdf file of the poster will be available by February 1. The deadline for students in Hartford, CT is Friday, March 31st and for all others the date is Friday, April 28th

Contact: Andrew Morrison,

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