Use Your Summer Wisely!

By: Dr. Lynne Holden, MD

In order to reach my goal of becoming a doctor, I attended five summer pathway programs starting the summer of 11th grade throughout college. I spent time in New Orleans, New York, Boston, Bethesda and Pittsburgh at no cost. I made lifelong friends who are now leaders throughout the country. I learned about subjects covered in medical school and on the medical college admissions test (MCAT). Most importantly, I gained valuable experience in research and clinical shadowing. In fact, I met one of my mentors, Dr. Deborah Prothrow- Stith the summer of 1983. I was assigned to shadow her in a Boston Clinic. Fast forward, she is a Professor of Medicine and the founding dean of Charles R. Drew School of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles, California! What an accomplishment!

Avoid the brain drain that occurs during the summer! I encourage each of you to explore summer programs to expand your network and to gain valuable medically-related experience such as research and shadowing. Oftentimes, the programs are available at low cost, free or may pay you a stipend. You may be provided with transportation, housing and meals.

The application deadlines are usually in mid-February so check the links from the Association of American Medical Colleges below today! For more information, please review the following carefully,

Dr. Deborah Prothrow-Stith

Professor, Internal Medicine

Founding Dean, Charles R. Drew School of Medicine and Science

Los Angeles, CA

A Tribute to Dr. Beny J. Primm

primmMentoring in Medicine, Inc mourns the loss of  Dr. Beny J. Primm who died recently at the age of 87.


A leader in the fields of substance abuse and HIV, Dr. Primm was born in Williamson, West Virginia, on May 28, 1928.  From an early age, he had a desire to be a doctor. He attended Lincoln University for two years, and later graduated from West Virginia State University. After many dedicated years in military service, Dr. Primm decided to apply to the University of Heidelberg, Germany, receiving his acceptance in 1953. After a year at Heidelberg, he transferred to University of Geneva, Switzerland, obtaining his M.D. in 1959. 


In 1969, Dr. Primm helped to found the Addiction Research Treatment Corporation (ARTC), now known as START Treatment & Recovery Centers (START). Here, he proudly served as the first executive director to the country’s largest minority, non-profit community-based agency, providing substance abuse treatment, primary medical care and HIV/AIDS services to adults and mental health services to adolescents. START’s 124th street location in Harlem, New York, The Beny J. Primm Center for Healthy Living, houses three separate addiction treatment programs and is proudly named in honor of his diligent work for this agency.
In addition to his work for ARTC, Dr. Primm served as president of the Urban Resource Institute, an organization that supports community-based initiatives and social service programs for battered women, the developmentally disabled, and substance abusers. Likewise, he was an adviser to the National Drug Abuse Policy Office since the Nixon administration.  Dr. Primm was the first director of the Center for Treatment Improvement, the predecessor to the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, within the executive branch of the federal government.
Dr. Primm was internationally recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on HIV/AIDS. He has served on the Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic, and has represented the U.S. at numerous international conferences. (Adopted from the National Medical Association)